Blog 2017’s New Features In WooCommerce 3.0.5

With the uprising of numerous web platforms that support Ecommerce development, selecting one out of all is a complex and frustrating decision. By far, the most popular and featured Ecommerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. It allows developers to create an appealing and beautiful store that can sell almost anything.

Though for large and bulky online stores nothing can beat Magento, WooCommerce is also a great option if you are well versed with WordPress.Its unique features like endless flexibility, hundreds of free and premium extensions, gallery views makes WooCommerce capable of powering more than 30% of all online stores. No other Ecommerce platform holds this much of online business reputation.

2017’S New Features In WooCommerce 3.0.5

Till date, Woocommerce developers and researchers are constantly working to enhance the functionality of recent versions. After Woocommerce 3.0, they have come up with WooCommerce 3.0.5 till now, which is an update that fixes 23 issues faced by the previous version with 44 commits. This new version comes with many great features that can’t be discussed in a single post, so we are just highlighting here some of the new important additions.

  • WooCommerce API v2

    Though WooCommerce has had an API for past some versions, the new release of 3.0.5 has WooCommerce API v2 that is fully integrated with WordPress REST API. The format it uses is JSON format and the authentication methods used are of the REST API. The 3.0.5 version update prevents the password change notification and removes duplicate items in shipping and checkouts.

  • New and Improved CLI

    WP CLI is a command line tool for WordPress that makes the managing of WooCommerce stores both quick and easy. In WooCommerce 3.0, the WP CLI is fully revamped to integrate it with both WooCommerce and the REST API in the better way. Further, the version 3.0.5 update fixes the CLI’s missing shipping zone routes.

  • Semantic Versioning

    The actual version release scheduled was 2.7 but came to known as 3.0.0. This version was constantly updated to become 3.0.5 which is the latest till date. WooCommerce is changing or updating its versioning system to semantic versioning. The first number is the major version i.e. 3. The second number is the update number that will increment with feature releases and the last number with bug and security patches. So, this is why it is 3.0.5.

  • Improved Touch Support

    Online retail market is gaining more profits with mobile Ecommerce. WooCommerce 3.0.5 is making its users more happy with interactive and polished touch support. The gestures like swipe-to-scroll, pinch-to-zoom & swipe-up-to-close are improving the UI expectations of mobile Ecommerce users.

These are just a few crucial changes that are supported by WooCommerce 3.0 & 3.0.5 update. If you want to know about other specific features offered by the latest versions, go to the official to see the relevant full list of release notes and updates. If you want to develop a featured online store, then GlassMedia can help you own an impressive one. Call us today to discuss your project.

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