07 Dec 2017

7 Signs Showing Your WordPress Website is Hacked

Is your business website developed in the WordPress CMS working perfectly? Did you notice some unusual activity on your WP website? If yes, you might have fallen victim to an online hack. With the growing security threats on the web, it is your responsibility to ensure the up-to-date security of your site and database. Being a widely used CMS, WordPress is much prone to security issues. To stay on the safer side, never compromise with the security of your website.

27 Oct 2017

Top 7 Social Media Networks That Are Best For Every Business Growth

Either you are an owner of a small or medium business, social media network is mandatory for all. These networks work best for every business from marketing the brand to increase the awareness among the audience. Although there are a number of social media channels that you can prefer for…

11 Aug 2017

4 Misconceptions To Be Avoided While Designing A Web Page

For every business, a website is a medium for a number of viewers to access the information easily. The real challenge for the web designer is to bring the website’s design into some usable form. It’s the fact, most of us make some mistakes while designing a web page which results into unattractive home page look, poor navigation and a number of errors on page.

19 Jun 2017

5 Classic Web Design Terms You Must Know

Having an online business presence is only worth if your website is attracting more and more audience towards itself. An attractive and innovative web layout somehow decides the success or failure of a brand. A dull and boring site fails to impress clients and therefore, lags behind in converting sales…

08 May 2017

2017’s New Features In WooCommerce 3.0.5

With the uprising of numerous web platforms that support Ecommerce development, selecting one out of all is a complex and frustrating decision. By far, the most popular and featured Ecommerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. It allows developers to create an appealing and beautiful store that can sell almost anything….

31 Mar 2017

5 Tips To Design A Super Fast Website

Nowadays, web essence has adapted itself a lot. Unlike years before, it’s not the looks of a website that decide its success or failure. Instead, it’s the page loading speed that actually determines how many visitors will be attracted towards a site. In the previous year, visitors experienced an overwhelming…

07 Nov 2016

Fresh Resources For Web Developers – November 2016

Creating a search engine friendly and user friendly website is not as easy task as it seems. There are a lot of things that web developers consider while developing a website. Aspects of the development, phrases and various other development processes are a few common things to consider. In short,…

11 Oct 2016

Why Your Google AdWords Campaign Does Not Work

Most of new Google AdWord advertisers fail to achieve a ROI (Return on Investment) from their ad campaign. As a small or medium business owner, you may have heard about PPC or Google AdWords campaign. It is an extremely effective way to drive highly relevant traffic to your website. But…

13 Sep 2016

Awesome eCommerce Themes for Eye-Catching Online Stores

So, have you made a decision to make your own eCommerce website? But have only one question in your mind that where should you start from? It is good that you have searched plenty of possibilities for your new website. But to create an effective, search engine and user friendly…

24 Aug 2016

How to Create an Engaging Mobile App Design

In today’s internet world, mobile compatibility is something that you cannot overlook. If it doesn’t work well on mobile – it doesn’t exist. Almost every business owner knows that a compelling mobile design is essential for a successful business. But, how to make that happen is the ultimate question. In…

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