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For every business, a website is a medium for a number of viewers to access the information easily. The real challenge for the web designer is to bring the website’s design into some usable form. It’s the fact, most of us make some mistakes while designing a web page which results into unattractive homepage look, poor navigation and a number of errors on a page. It’s important to be aware of these few mistakes and get on those errors so that one can easily avoid them by designing a next web page design.

4 Misconceptions To Be Avoided While Designing A Web Page

You must be aware of these common web design mistakes and must learn how to keep them away from your web page design:

  • Unresponsiveness

    It is necessary for the website to look great on every platform either it is your smartphone or tablet. A designer must focus on the responsive web design so that a business can display properly. If someone fails to use responsive design, then it can reduce the range of visitors on the web page.

  • Ordinary Homepage

    The most common fault of the designer is that they design their homepage with unnecessary things which take the audience away from your site. For a designer, it is necessary to create an impressive home page as it will allow the visitor to browse more on the website. One must not use too many font styles, images, text as it only gives an ugly website look.

  • Improper Navigation

    A website with improper navigation links and buttons make the most frustrating situation for the visitors. It is important to create everything in an accurate manner so that every visitor find it easy to access the information. One must make use of navigation bar according to the theme of the website.

  • Complex Usability

    The most important factor of the website is that it should be clear to understand and one can easily grasp information that they want. Most of the designers make use of complex font style and designs which are hard to understand. It’s important to avoid using bright colors and complex texts that do not work well on a website.

These all issues can be resolved when someone takes care of these things while designing the website. To have an error-free design, you can contact with our skilled web designers at GlassMedia.