Blog 5 Tips To Design A Super Fast Website

Nowadays, web essence has adapted itself a lot. Unlike years before, it’s not the looks of a website that decide its success or failure. Instead, it’s the page loading speed that actually determines how many visitors will be attracted towards a site.

5 Tips To Design A Super Fast Website

In the previous year, visitors experienced an overwhelming response with fast browsing speeds. This is the reason why their expectations are constantly increasing. The ultimate focus while designing a website should only be on developing a speedy website that offers blazing fast browsing experience. In terms of visitors, a faster site is better, only because it provides great user experience.

Some proven ways to satisfy the client’s demand of faster sites are:

  • Make your design minimalistic

    Zipplist is a super simple collection of websites for creatives. Whether you want icons, photos, patterns, mockups, videos, graphics or tools for your website, you can get them from Zipplist for free of cost. Some of the best sites to download free stock photos are StockSnap, Unsplash, Pexels, Gratisography, Visual Hunt, and Pixabay.

  • Understand the perception of performance

    In web designs, perception is a forever reality. This means that designs that offers a view of mere perception with excellent user experience can satisfy a user. Though having a fast site is of utmost importance, a designer can also create the perception of designing a faster site

  • Get lazy with lazy loading

    Are you aware of lazy loading? It is a new design pattern that renders objects within a website, only when they are necessary. This means that the objects or elements within a fold or a drop down will only load when the user scrolls over it. In this way, resources loaded are few and systematic and results in faster browsing and loading speeds. To incorporate lazy loading, install one of the lazy loading plugins available on the web.

  • Optimize the hosting servers

    An easy and result oriented way to improve the speed of a site is to handle the load on your servers. Response time is actually the time taken by a server to respond to a particular browser request. By handling and tackling the response time of a server, one can get hands on with a super fast website. Optimize the individual web pages for speed and neglect the performance of a server to increase the overall site speed.

  • Get some help from Google

    Google is your well wisher and wants that your site should be fast at every perspective. For this it offers amazing web tools that can compress the components within a website to speed up a web design.

If you are a novice developer, then the best place to start from is Google. Other beneficial source is PageSpeed Insights, where one can get the detailed insights about the things that are compelling your website to become slow.

These are the few tips, which when implemented can surely improve the speed of a web design. This means you can attract more clients by impressing them with fast loading websites. If you are looking for a WordPress developer who can maintain your existing website, then you have landed at the right place. Our developers and designers at GlassMedia can assist you in owning a responsive cum fast WordPress website.