Blog 7 Signs Showing Your WordPress Website is Hacked

Is your business website developed in the WordPress CMS working perfectly? Did you notice some unusual activity on your WP website? If yes, you might have fallen victim to an online hack. With the growing security threats on the web, it is your responsibility to ensure the up-to-date security of your site and database. Being a widely used CMS, WordPress is much prone to security issues. To stay on the safer side, never compromise with the security of your website.

7 Signs Showing Your WordPress Website Is Hacked

Some signs depicting your website has been hacked include:

  • Homepage Is Defaced

    It is one of the obvious things a hacker does after getting access to your website. Since a homepage is the main part of a site, he readily defaces or breaks it. Though there are few hackers who want to remain unnoticed and doesn’t do anything which will reveal the owner that his website had been hacked. It’s your responsibility to remain active and smart enough to detect unusual web activities.

  • Drop In Web Traffic

    If you keep a regular eye on the Google Analytics report, then you might be knowing the daily count of visitors on your website. In case, you witness a sudden drop in web traffic, something wrong might have occurred. There are hundreds of malware and Trojan horses out that can hijack the site’s traffic and redirect them to the spam websites. To prevent such issues, you must pay a serious attention towards the WordPress security.

  • Slow & Unresponsive Site

    Most possibly, any website that is visible on the internet can become a victim of random security hacks. These attacks are done using a fake IP address from hacked servers all over the world. Any such activity will certainly make your website slow, unresponsive and cluttered. If it happens, opt for professional assistance to boost the site speed and performance with WordPress maintenance.

  • Bad Links To Website

    Data injection is one of the common signs exhibited by the hacked sites. Since hackers access the back end of a site by accessing its files and database, they can easily inject spam or bad links. Most commonly, such links are added to the footer but can also be found anywhere within the content. If you notice unwanted links all of a sudden, it is a sure sign of website hacking.

  • Unable To Login

    WordPress login ID and password always remain secret with the owner or manager of the site. In case, you are not able to access your own website with the same password you previously use, then someone might have hacked or accessed your login. If you have got your website developed by a professional WordPress developer, make sure you create a new login password to prevent the risks of being hacked.

  • Suspicious User Accounts

    If your business website consists of a form to open user registration, the data might have been stored and backed up in the memory. In case, your site lacks such forms you don’t remember allowing user registration but there do exist new user accounts, then it’s a case of website hacking.

  • Failure To Send Or Receive Emails

    Generally, the hacked websites deal with email errors i.e. managing the email accounts become difficult. As hacked servers are commonly support spamming, the chances of sending or receiving WordPress emails from a hacked site is troublesome. If you notice that email errors or haven’t received any mail from a couple of days, chances are that someone might have hacked your business website.

To prevent being falling victim of malware and security threats, such as hacking, its crucial to keep your site up-to-date with respect to versions and security. Managing or securing a hacked WordPress site can be difficult. This is the reason why we recommend taking the assistance of experts. For WordPress Maintenance service in Brampton, consult our web professionals at GlassMedia.