Blog 7 Web Design Trends To Create Unique Websites

Being a digital medium, a designing a website is a subject to get updated with technology than its older customs. The interesting thing is, challenges to improve your appearance on the web are growing harder. Because new tools are taking place in the technology to improve your way of creating a website. If you have still not updated your knowledge then learn about the useful famous 7 web design trends 2018 as it will help you to stay unique among others.

7 Web Design Trends To Create Unique Websites

  • Drop Shadows And Depth

    By using the grids and parallax layouts, a web designer is playing with the shadows to create an eye catchy and attractive web design. It directly reacts to the flat design trend of last years as it creates an amazing versatile effect increasing the aesthetics of a web page.

  • Vibrant And Saturated Color Schemes

    2018 is the year to approach the super excess colors online as many designers are developing as courageous in selecting the color including supersaturation and vibrant shades. That is partly supported by technological advancements in monitors and devices with a screen more suitable for presenting richer colors. The vibrant and clashing colors are useful for newer bands to immediately attract the visitors’ attention.

  • Particle Backgrounds

    Particle background immediately attracts the users’ attention, therefore, brands can create a memorable impression on others. Its’ animations are lightweight javascript enables to create the movements as a natural part of the background. Besides, the motion graphics are becoming more popular on social media for offering eye-catching leads back to the landing pages.

  • Mobile Friendly

    No doubt, mobile browsing has surpassed the desktop because everyone gives preference to the smartphones. So when it comes to creating a website, a user should be comfortable to browse the photos and details of a website easily on the mobile or desktop. On an account, it should be easier to find, detect and fix the UX issues.

  • Custom Illustration

    The illustration is vital versatile media used to create playful, friendly and adds an element of fun to any website. Handy users make illustrations that tailor the brand’s tone and make it different among the others in the marketplace. As a result, it makes one brand to be approachable to the customers.

  • Asymmetry & Broken Grid Layouts

    The demand for asymmetrical layout is increasing as it is unique, distinctive and experimental. However, the use of traditional unconventional layout is still in use for many large-scale brands but the use of unconventional layouts on the web helps brands to create an ultimate experience which set themselves apart.

  • Integrated Animations

    The animation is one of the advanced technologies web designer are using to engage users with their website. Unlike particle animations and smaller animations are quite helpful to bind the users’ interest. Moreover, animations for the fun abstract visuals will also work as meaningful interactions with the users.

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