Blog Why Your Google AdWords Campaign Does Not Work

Most of new Google AdWord advertisers fail to achieve a ROI (Return on Investment) from their ad campaign. As a small or medium business owner, you may have heard about PPC or Google AdWords campaign. It is an extremely effective way to drive highly relevant traffic to your website. But it can be expensive for you if not handled correctly. A very badly managed campaign can cost you more than it bring in. On the other hand, a well-managed campaign can boost your business.

The success of your campaign depends on how much you know about the Google AdWords and how to manage it. In this blog you read about where you are going wrong and what pitfalls you make with your ad campaign.

  • Not grouping keywords correctly

    Keywords are the main and important part of any ad campaign. Not using enough keywords in your ad or grouping keywords in a wrong way is one of the biggest mistakes people make. They use all the keywords into one ad and show everyone the same ad.

  • Too small budget

    Small or medium size businesses have limited budget for marketing ads. In order to drive more traffic to your site, begin your ad campaign with a large enough budget. After that you will see results as quickly as you like.

  • Use only broad match keywords

    You may know or not that there are three types of keywords like broad matching, phrase match and exact keywords. These keywords used to trigger ads. Some people like to use broad match keywords. They may sound great, but only broad match keywords are not good for the campaign. Use all three types of keywords to get positive results.

  • Making too many changes too frequently

    It is crucial to keep your Ad campaign up to date. But making too much or unnecessary changes will fail to achieve potential visitors. To give the campaigns chance to blossom, you can make only some important changes.

  • Not using negative keywords

    Before starting your campaign, have you thought about using negative keywords in your ad. If no, you need to think about it. Do you know negative keywords also work to lead traffic and users? So, build up a list of negative keywords.

  • Not knowing about your competitors

    Knowing about your competitors is crucial for your campaign’s health. You need to know who you are competing against and what type of keywords using.

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