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Even if you are new to SEO optimization, you must have heard about linkings. Whether you link your blog or some other content on your site, linking improves the authority of the page. This also helps in improving the brand reputation and increasing brand awareness. Linking is the most important aspect of Content Marketing Strategy. So, here are two types of links you can add to your content.

Improving Your Content Marketing With Internal and External Linking

What is Internal Linking?

Internal Linking means linking sites within the post or blog itself. This will help in improving the quality of the content by interlinking the blogs or the products. The deeper the links are, the more valuable it is to add because normally, it would have been impossible for them to find.

What is External Linking?

External Linking is linking a content when you link to some other site that is not in your domain. It also means that you may link one blog of your website to another blog of another website. It can be social media content too. It helps in increasing backlinks as well as improve the user experience in learning about a brand.

Best Way to Improve Content marketing with Internal and External Marketing

After learning what internal and external linking are, it is time to learn how to incorporate them into our blog. You must be knowledgeable about the external and internal links that can be used for the blogs and increase domain authority. Here are some of the internal or external tips for you to use in 2021.

Schedule A Periodic Link Audit

It is important to spend some time on your website and analyze whether each blog is intralinked and linked with external links or not. Moreover, check whether the links are functional or broken. Are they active or relevant? If there are broken links, it creates a bad impression to not only the visitors but also the search engine crawlers. And, even if you know one link is working fine, double check it to not miss out anything that can harm your page.

Focus On User/Reader Experience

Your blogs are ultimately for your users. What benefits do users get with the blog linking? The users get almost all information at one page. They do not have to scroll through your number of blogs in order to find more information on the topic they are reading upon. Therefore, you start building trust among the users and the crawlers. Besides keywords, this is important to make sure that your SEO strategies do not fail. Moreover, do not just focus on linking. The link should also make sense to the reader. It should be useful for the people who are reading the blog. Therefore, choose the right anchor text from the blog and link correctly. The readers should not feel the links to be forceful.

Only Link To Reputable Sources

It is important to link your blogs and content to the reputable sources that are the websites with higher domain authority to make sure that you get the same repute. This will make your links rich, authoritative and trustworthy. If you link them to some no credible sources, then you end up harming your own credibility of the website and content. Whereas, once you link to the correct sites, you will be considered as an expert in a particular niche. Check the credibility of the website before linking.

Use Anchor Text Correctly

Anchor Texts are the words used in the texts that are to be linked. Most bloggers snsd writers overthink this. Choose the anchor text wisely as well as make sure that they are not forced and seem out of the box for the readers. Or else, you will lose the trust of your readers and the crawlers. This can make it difficult for you to rank well.

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