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Web Design refers to the process of designing a website involving front end view. Web Designing is considered complex than web development. Web Designing determines how your site will look like. It follows various principles for designing and maintenance.

Based on the trends or clietn requirements, designs can be categorized as interface design, graphic design, homepage design and general website appearance. In addition, website designing is more complex than web engineering.

  • HTML and CSS

    Hyper Text Markup Language also known as HTML, provides structure and design to a web page. Various tags are used to provide interactive structure to images, paragraphs, headings etc. HTML consists of various tags, attributes and elements.

    Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a web designing language used to enhance appearance of content in the webpage. It includes changing colors, images, banners etc. CSS can be internal, external and inline. Both CSS and HTML, are used independent of each other. HTML represents content while CSS represents how content appears. HTML code cannot be written in a CSS file. While there can be number of HTML file in a website, there is only a single CSS file.

    Other files that can be used with HTML and CSS are Javascript and Jquery which also works with structure of content in a website.

  • New standards in HTML and CSS

    To improve web designing more, new versions for HTML and CSS have been introduced. W3C recently released new standards of CSS and HTML i.e CSS3 and HTML5.

  • Technologies and Tools used in Designing

    Based on the need of the client, web designers use various tools which help in development of a site.

    • With the change in version of various tools and technologies, their working and use are updated to create better design prototypes. Standardized mark up technology is used for creating websites with the help of WYSIWYG software.
    • To create design prototypes or images, web designers use raster and vector graphics.
    • To create plugins, proprietary software is used.
    • Other tools used are markup validators used for testing accessibility and usability.
  • Homepage design

    Numerous visitors just visit the blogs and internal services pages without going through homepage. This related that homepage should be well designed for providing more audience to a website. To make a home page more attractive, rotating banners and sliders, also known as carousels became an important component of web design.

  • Website appearance

    The feel and look of your site is more important than just displaying the information. Website should be designed in such a way that it should be appealing and interactive. Designing also depends on factors such as the appearance of your website

  • Website development

    Web development refers to fundamentals involved in developing a website. Development usually include coding for simple to complex sites, from plain text to web text. Web development includes web designing, platform for client interaction and ecommerce development.

In short, the techniques provided here will assist you to develop an appealing and interactive website. At GlassMedia, we deliver the right mix of trend, website security, design and WordPress development to our clients. Our web designers in Brampton lead the way when it comes to the latest web design trends.