Blog Tips To Boost the Security of your Android App

If there is one thing ruling the mobile world today, it is none other than Android. This Linux based mobile operating system of Google has revolutionized the mobile market. With the maximum number of mobile users registered to Android, the maximum focus of developers is on this giant OS.This is the reason, why so many Android apps are getting launched on daily basis. There is cut throat competition amongst the Android applications. It is not just the design and features which count for its success but its security too!

There are so many apps which fail to provide the required security for it to perform flawlessly. This is the reason why despite having beautiful deigns, they fail to make their mark as security is a serious issue for the users and you just can’t ignore it!

5 Tips to Increase Android App Security

  • Protect Sensitive Info

    It is very important to know which all information you are going to store on your app. Your users trust you and share their sensitive information like user’s credentials including passwords.

    Developers should make sure that the application provides enough of security to such crucial information and also protect cached, logged and structural data.

  • Use Encrypted Language

    Using encrypted language to communicate with the back end server to ensure safe communication. One thing to enhance its security is the use of certificate pinning.

    This is the reason, why this has become a hot favorite amongst the developers when it comes to mobile app development.

  • Don’t Trust User Input

    It is not recommended to trust user inputs, especially if it is a web application. You have no idea who is on the other side of the table and what his/her intentions are.

    Therefore, it is necessary for the developers to include cross-side scripting (XSS), JSON/ XML, SQL etc. which gets handled equally by the client and the back end team.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Permissions

    When it comes to Android Apps, all sorts of excessive permissions must be avoided completely. Only the important and relevant permissions should be permitted access.

    Permissions which demand access to personal information should face a strict denial as it can lead to loss of sensitive information.

  • Add Coding Delays

    There are a lot of attacks through the use of computers to gain access to the sensitive information. These bots try to make millions of attempts to gain access.

    To confound these bots, one should add delay to the codes. As a human, you would not get bored but a bot will surely treat it as inefficient.

Need Full Proof Security?

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