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With the arrival of so many new gadgets in the market, every designer aims to design a site with a responsive approach. Different types of devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets are available in different sizes. In order to manage with all these screen sizes and resolutions, mobile-friendly design is the only key to display content equally and enhance the user experience.

Top 7 Responsive Testing Tools To Check Your Website Layout Before Launching

Bringing responsiveness on the website is the technique which makes the site automatically adjustable according to any mobile screen size. Even, one must be smart enough to test the responsive website before launching it on different mobile devices. If you want your users to experience the site in a well-mannered way, you need to test, touch and feel the site on all user devices and browsers as well.

In order to ensure your responsive site perform well on all platforms, below are the few tools to test it:

  • Responsinator

    Responsinator is the testing tool used to check the website responsiveness. With this, you can see how your website looks on different devices with varying sizes. You are able to see both landscape and portrait mode along with a complete idea of the responsiveness. If you want to check the web pages including contact page, home page and more, it gives a feature to click on site’s link which takes directly to that link.

  • Website Responsive Test

    It is another effective testing tool used to test the responsiveness of the site on varying number of devices. With the included options like quick research and review features, it delivers an ideal solution for all website layouts. Even, it is highly meant to support all major browsers and deliver intact website preview on all devices. One can also save a lot of time with this tool as it offers results in just a few seconds.

  • Slow & Unresponsive Site

    Most possibly, any website that is visible on the internet can become a victim of random security hacks. These attacks are done using a fake IP address from hacked servers all over the world. Any such activity will certainly make your website slow, unresponsive and cluttered. If it happens, opt for professional assistance to boost the site speed and performance with WordPress maintenance.

  • Bad Links To Website

    Data injection is one of the common signs exhibited by the hacked sites. Since hackers access the back end of a site by accessing its files and database, they can easily inject spam or bad links. Most commonly, such links are added to the footer but can also be found anywhere within the content. If you notice unwanted links all of a sudden, it is a sure sign of website hacking.

  • Am I Responsive

    Am I Responsive” is that website testing tool in which one can easily check for all the website URLs and easily analyze site responsiveness on the screen. All the results display with this tool are in the form of a screenshot and you only need to hover the mouse to the device type to check them. It is a free responsiveness checker tool which surely gives you fairly good job done.

  • Screenfly

    It is the multi-device compatibility tool which is used to preview all the web pages of the site appearing on different gadgets. Although it supports different screen sizes and resolutions, the most popular is the tablet and the Smartphone. In this tool, the only need is to enter the website URL which further redirects to the responsive web pages.

  • ViewPort Resizer

    ViewPort Resizer is also most popular responsive website testing tool which is used for any modern web browser. With the use of this tool, you can create customized resolutions to review website in all default sizes. This one is the completely user-friendly tool through which you can easily choose for varying range of screen resolutions.

  • Responsive Design Checker

    With the pick up of this tool, you can check for the main three categories- desktop, tablet, and phone. This tool is best to support the latest iPhone sizes and always remain updated with its new and unique features.

  • Froont

    For all kind of designers, Front is most likely used as a testing tool which makes the web design testing easier without any coding skills. With the just use of drag and drop tool, you can check the URL specifically on different real devices.

Every designer aims to achieve the goal of best user experience for his website. If you don’t want to lose your potential customers, you must opt responsive testing approach to ensure your site will display perfectly in front of the audience. Only by using top-rated web design tools, you can easily make your website more available to everyone. In order to develop a responsive site more effectively and quickly, you can also choose our professionals web designers at GlassMedia.