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A beautiful theme or an attractive design is of no use for a website if you fail to rank it in a search engine result. Any search engine doesn’t rank your site based on your attractive designs, instead it go for keywords, alt tags and other web techniques. Web is flooded with WordPress websites therefore, making it necessary to optimize your website to accomplish it successfully.

 10 SEO Tips To Rank Your WordPress Website

SEO tips that can rank you website effectively:

  • Content is best option

    The best and proven way to optimize your site is through content. Optimization can be made effective by unique and qualitative content. Your content should contain wise and relevant keywords. Google adwords if used can provide you with an advantage.

  • Use optimized themes

    Quick acting themes can benefit you in Google ranking. Some themes are heavily coded with irrelevant commands and content. Don’t go for such themes as lot of code can degrade your performance.

  • Quality backlinks

    Exchange backlinks with high ranking websites. The backlinks coming to your site can help in better ranking. Consider quality of backlinks rather than quantity.

  • Use short permalinks

    Permalink is a static hyperlink of a webpage or blog. Make use of short permalinks including keywords. First four words of your permalink is taken up by Google for optimization.

  • XML sitemaps

    Sitemaps can be easily introduced in WordPress using plugins. Sitemaps should be in XML format like Google XML Sitemaps. Website Optimizer can be used for sitemaps.

  • Social networks promotion

    Adding posts to a social network site can help a lot to promote your website. You can promote other websites to get links back to you.

  • Rename images

    Google displays both text and images on result page. It draws images from posts of your website through keyword searched. Rename your images corresponding to the content or description of image. Using alt tag and title tag for your images can provide better usability and optimization.

  • Informative headings

    Use headings which can describe your content in short. Highlight the headings and sub headings using H1-H6 tags and strong tags for better understandability.

  • Don’t use flash

    Flash is particularly invisible to various search engines. So, it is advised not to use flash plugins.

  • Install WP SEO

    This is a SEO plugin which is designed to optimize your website quickly and effectively. It can be downloaded from Internet to be installed on WordPress website.

Google uses tools to determine your ranking based on domain, meta tags and unique content. These were few SEO tips which can help you in better ranking of your website. GlassMedia is an SEO and web design company in Brampton which provides you with effective web designing and development services which can help your site rank better.