Blog 5 Important Mobile App Development Trends Every Developer Should Know

Today, mobile device have emerged as mankind’s true friend. People rely on them heavily for their day to day tasks and thus one can surely conclude that they have an important role when it’s about simplifying routine tasks. The mobile technology around us developing at an extremely fast pace and that’s exactly why mobile apps have transformed into an integral part of our digital world.5 Important Mobile App Development Trends Every Developer Should Know

These apps have been progressing so as to become an omnipresent part of people’s lives and thus it’s always good to stay updated with the latest trends in mobile app development.

Following are some important trends that developers should lookout for in 2016.

  • Connection to Back-End Systems

    Users are demanding this feature very often now and the reasons are quite right. This feature brings the mobile apps next to their web counterparts. An ecommerce app is useless if it does not have a shopping cart. Thus an app must give all the features of the websites and this is where connection to backend systems comes in handy.

  • High Level Security

    Mobile devices are today used for a wide array of purposes like entertainment, games, business etc. There are apps for almost everything, but the main question is – whether the app is safe or not. Nobody wants to use an app that can access the user’s private information and spread it to others. Moreover, if the app is so secure, then it might not work on a public Wi-Fi. Hence it’s important to strike a balance between everything.

  • Full Mobility

    Mobility is going to be an important aspect in mobile development in the coming years. That’s because an app must be capable of replacing every possible desktop function and for that mobility is extremely useful. Failing to provide any obvious functionality with the app might make the app useless on the whole and the users will be compelled to uninstall it at once. Thus by providing mobility with the app, the dependency of the users on a conventional PC will decrease dramatically.

  • Enterprise and Consumer Apps

    It’s important to decide whether the development team wants to go for an enterprise app or a regular consumer app and this solely depends upon the purpose you want to solve and the money you want to make from the app. Enterprise apps rake in lots of cash as compared to consumer apps. That’s because people readily invest in mobile experience when it’s the same as compared to a paid app. Moreover, businesses don’t mind paying a decent amount for the services that can help make them productive.

  • High Quality Content and Marketing Plan

    Content is a prime part of every app and unfortunately app developers are forgetting its importance. Users pay close attention to everything and therefore always require the right info. Constructing a marketing plan for the app is another important step because it’s the money because of which developers are building the apps. So, a proper marketing and content strategy is a must for any app.

The above mentioned trends are something which developers should pay close attention to in 2016. We, at GlassMedia, are a leading web design and app development company of Brampton. Contact us anytime to know more about our services.