Blog An Ultimate Guide On How To Make Money From Google Ads

If you have a website or blog on Google then you can get the payment. On reading this, the first thing comes in your mind is ‘how’. It simply requires the right methodology to be implemented by the professionals. Often you hear the stories about different people who earn money from Google. It inspires, and again your mind becomes restless to know the secret behind it.

An Ultimate Guide On How To Make Money From Google Ads

The Google Ads work, if you really need to know how then first keep the below three things in your mind:

  • To make Google money
  • To make money to the partnered businesses and website publishers
  • To provide the best possible online experience to the internet users.

Everything rotates around these three aspects which help you to make money.

Google Ads

Google has provided some advertising platform from where the high-quality advisers take benefit to obtain ROI. Google prefers the high-quality advisers as this can provide a good online experience to the users, because the users are the only weapon to make and break the reputation.

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads are online advertisements based on party keyword. These keywords related to your business or product are searched. Thus:
Google AdWords = Ad Words
The way of adding words plays a big impact in process of presenting your ads and getting cost from it.

Google Ads Space

It is a platform presented by the Google for advertisers and businesses where they can place the bid on ad space for their own ads. It can appear at:

  • Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or on Google search related websites and apps. Virtually it is called the Google search network.
  • Third Party websites or apps available on the internet which is known as the Google display networks of websites.
  • Any website that is allowed into the Google AdSense program

Google Adsense

It is a platform from Google for the publisher/website owners where they can sign up and agree to host the Google Ads. In return, they are paid everytime when their website is visited or clicked. Additionally, Google can automatically choose the most relevant and higher-paying out ads for the host website or publisher. AdSense pays a big amount in an easy way. In order to enable the AdSense to their website, the publishers simply need to sign up for an Adsense account and follow the guidelines from Google.

Google Auction Process

Understanding these auctions and know how the winners choose this, is the main key to getting money from Google Ads. Actually, auctions are best known as the keyword search while the ad space for the keyword search refers to the product is being sold. There are two types of auctions:

  • Display Network And Adsense Auctions

    This auction appears when someone loads the website with available Google ad space to be filled by the advertiser. From advertisers whose ads display on these auctions at the low cost or relevant that websites will be the winner. The relevance should be based on the keywords targeted by the advertisers.

  • Search Network Auctions

    On the search networks, an auction takes place whenever keywords in Google are searched by anyone. And, it happens billions of time per day.

Google Ads Payment Models

  • PPC

    Pay Per Click, you will be paid when your ad is clicked. It is a good method to improve business traffic.

  • CPA

    Cost Per Acquisition, The amount you are willing to pay to Google on acquiring a lead or new customer. It is likely to convert the users on the basis of budge you set.

  • vCPM

    Cost Per Thousands Viewable Impressions. It is the best way to increase brand awareness. Remember, it is available on display network advertising only.

3 Tips For Making Money From Google Ads

  • Choose Right Keywords

    Choose the relevant keyword which leads the conversion that is indirectly a way to earn money. Someone who searches for a relevant keyword is likely to make a purchase. Relevant keywords are one of the less expensive and most effective ways to target people.

  • Invest In Content

    If you can have the compelling content on the ad copy and landing page then it will be one of the best technique. It can actually save your money and provide long-term results. It can help to get more conversions and sales. An outstanding content is able to get a better quality score and lower the cost per click (CPC)

  • Quality Score Optimization

    This one is the vital metric for any successful campaign as it affects the other important metrics of any ad campaigns. It includes:

    • Ad Position
    • CPC
    • Impression

In order to win over the auction, you have to optimize the quality score as well as the bid amount. If these both are effective, surely your ad will be effective and earn more.

The nutshell is, to understand and implement the Google Ads strategy, you need the professional’s help. As the team of experts for Google Advertising at GlassMedia is talented and experienced, you can reach to discuss your project. We ensure to help your businesses or ads to earn more.