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When you are going to create your business website, you must make it be accessed by your users on various devices. A good reason to create a mobile first website is, people are using the mobile, tablet and small size Internet compatible devices more than desktops and laptops. Now, if you don’t make a responsive website, you will lose many visitors which affect your business traffic.

Proven Techniques To Build A Perfect Mobile-Friendly Website

A responsive website is, that can automatically convert the format and position text & pictures in real time without the matter of screen size. If your website is responsive, you can easily get it into the same readable format as you access it on the laptop.

What To Do To Make A Mobile Website

  • Quick Load Pages:

    Your website should feel fresh and easy to load without taking too much time. It can happen by creating a responsive or by building a mobile version of your site separately.

  • Resize Images:

    Scaling down images intensive websites is a cause of taking time to load the website, especially when content has the solution. Determine the overall impact time you are trying to take over the pictures and graphics on your site. After this, you can scale back and resize the content accordingly.

  • Navigation Menus:

    It should simple, clean and compact visuals. The menu bar must be for the mobile websites.

  • Important Info Placing:

    You have to think like a mobile user and put the most important info on the top. When your site is ready, you must once access it through a mobile device and view it.

  • Simple Contact Info:

    As per the research, people don’t want to explore the website pages for detailed contact information. In fact, a contact number is important than other details. A shortened contact info that can be accessed via hyperlinks or other access mechanisms turns out to be beneficial for responsive and easy to fill website.

  • Big Text And Button:

    It is a vital thing, you should implement when designing a website. If you are going to add the conveying information via text or you need user actions through website buttons, then make it visible and readable.

  • Track Mobile Statistics:

    Google Analytics is one of the best tools that enables you to monitor, track and decipher valuable statistics and information about mobile websites, users and your site design usability.

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Mobile Site

  • Forget To Test Website On Different Mobile Devices:

    A big mistake that web designers often make. They forget to check the website on different mobile devices. Testing your site only on one device could not be satisfying. Remember to test it on various Android and iOs devices.

  • Too Long Scrolling Distance:

    No one would like the website offering access via swiping navigation system, it means users will scroll and explore your site with thumbs and forefingers. If you put the content at the too much distance, it will make the users irritating. Make sure to minimize the horizontal and vertical distances.

  • Ditch The Details:

    You must keep the details away and substitute it with simple and clean menus or paragraph. An easier site allows your users to stay logged into your site.

  • Trim The Text:

    Undoubtedly, the users want the short texts, but it does not mean to make it too small. So, you need to keep your site mobile optimized providing good information and trimmed down for efficiency.

  • Not Giving Space Touch Areas:

    It really seems frustrated act when accessing a site on your mobile and getting trouble to click on the touch button that is too close to the other one. Sometimes, it results in pressing the wrong one. Make sure to design your page by keeping the button layout in your mind.

  • Banish Pop-Ups:

    If you have something kind of promotion or campaigns, you should think for an alternative for the mobile version. On an average mobile internet user close their browser on getting any kind of irritating promotional add.

The Benefits Of Creating A Mobile Friendly Website

  • Improved Mobile Search Ranking:

    A big part of traffic comes from mobile users, not from desktop users. Thus, a mobile site improves your website search engine ranking and conversion rates.

  • Lower The Bounce Rates:

    93% of people want the site to load within 3 seconds. Your mobile-friendly sites with the quality to open instantly will lower the bounce rates of your site.

  • Social Media Marketing:

    If you are optimizing the social media marketing with your site, you must remember that most of the people access their social media accounts through their mobile.

The conclusion is, if you want to establish a successful online business, you have to design a site that approaches every user from different platforms. In order to create a mobile-friendly site, you can reach GlassMedia. Being a leading web designing company in Brampton, we ensure to design a lead converting, traffic boosting, responsive and sales improving the business site for our clients. Feel free to call and discuss your project.