Blog How To Design Eye-Catching Websites?

The importance of an excellent website cannot be overlooked in the modern world. A website is crucial for any organization to function in today’s world of technology. A website is not just a medium to attract new customers and boost sales but an effective means to establish brand identity in the market. In order to gain the trust of customers and clients in the market, a website is an indispensable part of any business.

How To Design Eye-Catching Websites?

Customers judge the trustworthiness of a brand or business based on the website they see. A website creates a long lasting impression in the minds of customers which is why it is so important.

Here are some key facts about the importance of websites for any business small or large.

  • Once a website loads, users take only half a second to form an opinion. (Source: Kinesis Inc.)
  • 39 percent of people will disengage themselves from a website if the images take a longer time to load or don’t load at all. (Source: Adobe)
  • 48 percent of individuals have cited a website’s design as the number one factor to decide the credibility of a business. (Source: Blue Corona)

The above facts are eye-openers for businesses and brands across the globe to pay attention to the website design and development.

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Here are some tips and suggestions from Glassmedia to create an engaging website for your business.

1. Choose the right fonts

An attractive website is not just about the use of pictures, colours, and visually appealing elements. Using the correct font size and style at the right place is essential to improve the readability of the text on your website. Use of too many font sizes and styles in your website will disengage the audience. Selecting the right typography is a must to keep the target audience engaged to your website.

2. Simple and clear layout

When it comes to browsing websites, the majority of the audience prefer simplicity. Hence, it is important not to clutter the website with too many elements and add only those which are crucial. A clean and simple website also means it will have a faster loading time and offer a seamless navigation to the users.

3. Select the right colours

The colours that you choose for your website have a direct impact on the minds of the people visiting your website. Many people perceive a brand based on the colours they see associated with it. This makes the choice of colours extremely important. If you have some colours already associated with your business or brand, it makes sense to use those in the website design for branding. The website must not contain too many colours, otherwise the attention of the audience would go more on colours and less on your products and services. The selected colours must be vibrant but not too bright.

4. Keep the content to minimum

For a website to be interactive and appealing for the target audience, it must focus more on showcasing your products and solutions rather than the text. In case of a website, less text and more visuals in the form of pictures and videos go well with the users. The reason behind keeping the content less is that users engage more with the products and solutions displayed on the website and get to know more about them. As the famous saying goes ‘Pictures speak louder than words’.

5. Keep adequate white space

White space is really important to break the monotony in a website. Appropriate utilization of white space with help eliminate the clutter from your website making it easier to read for the visitors.

6. Test the website properly

Before making the website live for the users, it is essential to carry out proper testing to eliminate any bugs or navigation issues. The website must be checked on various browsers and different devices.

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