Blog How to Design the Perfect Landing Page for a Website?

First, designing a landing page for your website is not a big deal! Yes, it requires some effort and work initially. A good landing page gives the customers all that they want. This means that you need to go beyond just looking good. Besides all the content and images you have put up, your information.

How to Design the Perfect Landing Page for a Website?

What is a Landing Page?

Basically, the goal of a landing page is to bring conversions to reach marketing and business growth goals. Therefore, depending upon how you want to showcase yourself to your prospects, your landing page can be your homepage, a standalone page (specifically created for a campaign), another page with the respective taxonomy. Often people get confused between a homepage and a landing page.

How to design the perfect landing page?

Before putting together a landing page, it is important to learn what is that you want you to accomplish from this? What are you looking for from this landing page? Do you want to promote a new product? Do you want a mailing list? Or do you just want to promote a discount on a certain service?

Here are some essential things to include on your landing page if you want it to convert.

A superb headline
This is where you need to grab the users’ attention. Let them know why should they stay on the page? Why should they associate with you in any manner? What are you talking about? Keep your headlines of not more than 20 words!

A subheading
A subheadline helps in a little more explanation of what you are serving your prospects. For instance, if a headline grabs the users’ attention, then the subheadline is supposed to make them stay.

Visual content is a must for any landing page. They should be large, relevant to your product, and should serve the primary purpose of catching visitors’ attention and thus entice them to take further actions on the website. Make sure they are in high quality. Also, optimize them efficiently to meet the necessary loading time and SEO of the website.

It is essential to explain what you have to offer to your prospects. After all, they are your potential customers. And, if they do not understand what are your products and services, you will lose them. Thus, a straightforward explanation is necessary. Integrate it with your headline, or write it separately. Make it customer benefit oriented but keep the functionality in the visitors’ favor.

What is to lose?
If you can make your visitor think about what they might lose, and you are providing them with a solution for it, then you are more likely to make conversions. Once they feel they are about to lose something and you are providing them an opportunity to gain something of equal value.  Make your service and product an antidote of your pain!

What is the pleasure in it?
Just as humans want to avoid them, they want to take up all the opportunity to feel happy and have a pleasurable experience. Show what does the byproduct of getting your product helps in! How does this will make the visitor happy? Show the emotional need of your product and what its functional role is.

Contact Methods
Your business is legit, authentic and genuine, right? So why not make it clear on the landing page itself? How open you are to serve them with solutions to their problems that are within your control? Include a physical address, a contact number, and email address, and contact forms. All these together allow the visitor to trust you.

Show a Guarantee
Consumers love guarantees. A visitor needs to feel assured that their investment in your product or service will be fruitful. Thus, this helps in improving the conversation rate.  Include a guarantee statement somewhere it is more easily visible.

Call to Action Button
The most important element in a landing page is a CTA Button. The visitor will know what to do next. Only this will make a visit your customer. Rest of the content on the page is merely to grab the attention of the visitor. Ensure that CTA works efficiently.

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